I lived in Detroit, Michigan with my mother and father and three sisters for twenty-five years.  When I left there, I was a working artist in what is known as the Cass Corridor, where artists made art and did not talk about art.  I then lived in Chicago, Illinois and worked as an assistant printer from 1973 to 1975 at Landfall Press,  It was there I learned about color- it was there where I was finally sure that I would be a painter, not a teacher or printer.

   Tired of the large, dirty, crowded cities of my life, I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I found that I could not escape the art inside of me.  Throughout my career as an artist, I have concentrated on the Face of Women-moving slowly toward the figure with special attention to the hands, never thinking I would ever sell these pictures-I just kept making them.  Growing up in an emotional world, I use this emotion of my life in the life of my painting.